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Thomas Delauer Review

Thomas Delauer Reviews – Who Is He?


He’s the guy who is the picture of health and fitness however, things were not always easy for Thomas Delauer.

He was once very obese at 285 lbs. but found success through hard work. He followed a diet plan and an exercise regimen that helped him achieve fitness goals he never dreamed possible.

His hard work would take him far: he would grace the covers of magazines devoted to men’s health and fitness like Iron Man, Muscles, Performance and Natural Muscle. 

Those wanting the same success as Thomas seek his advice. His many offerings and ideas for weight loss stem from his philosophy that wellness comes from the mind and the body, and that balance among the two must be created to foster a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with oneself and their life.

Thomas’s Story

Thomas’s life used to be focused mostly on his business, which was thriving. However, Thomas was not thriving. He didn’t care much about his health, which is a trap that many stressed out business owners fall into.

Thomas began to realize that what he was doing was not working for him, and he used his focus, expertise and discipline as a means to start doing better for his body and health.

Thomas’s Diet

Thomas knew that eating right as well as getting enough exercise was going to be the only way he could get to a place of good health. He is widely recognized as a master of the ketogenic lifestyle.

A ketogenic diet is a weight loss method that has individuals trying to induce a state of ketosis, or a state where the body is burning fat for energy. Dieters decrease their consumption of carbs and proteins, and up their healthy fats intake. Once a state of ketosis is achieved, the body begins burning up the stored fat, especially in problem areas like the abdomen.

Thomas has a wide range of resources available for those interested in ketogenic diet. A visit to his website or YouTube channel reveals a variety of e-books, motivational materials, helpful videos and so much more. They are all focused on helping you get into the keto diet and showing how it can benefit you in terms of health and general well-being.

Where to Start?

Check out my review of Thomas’s Adaptive Body Boost program. This program is tailored to those who follow all the popular diets and get regular exercise, but still cannot seem to shake off those extra pounds.

If you’re tired of the guesswork, tired of the gimmicks, and just fed up with trying to hack what it is you need to eat to lose weight, this program might just be what you need.

The basis of the program is that avoidance of food is not the way to lose weight. Rather, Thomas will show you why your body needs a little of everything-carbs, vitamins, proteins, fats, and minerals to achieve a great balance. By eating the right stuff from the start, you will avoid hunger and feel better all around.

The Videos

Instead of having to read through a book, you can enjoy watching videos Thomas has put together himself. There are 7 basic ones in total with the following titles:

  • Program Exercise
  • Low Carb Keto Flu
  • Process of Keto
  • How Keto Really Works
  • Cheat Meal Time
  • Guide to Carb Intake
  • Guide to Protein Intake

You can watch them anywhere, on any of your devices.

Six Pack Program

This program shows you how to use Intermittent Fasting to your advantage. You won’t eat for 16-20 hours, and then eat what’s good for you in your 4-8-hour window. To do this safely, Thomas has a great set of resources to get you started.  Here are the titles:

Master Video Fasting-This tutorial shows you the basics of intermittent fasting.

Master Fasting Course Complete-This eBook gives you a training guide and workout calendar, even a food plan completes with tasty desserts to help you reach your goal.

Intermittent Fasting Diet Guides- You get 2 guides. The Base Track covers the basics of IF, which is great for beginners. The Fast Track outlines for you a macronutrient plan to maximize weight loss.

Shredfast Workout-This is a series of 9 workouts you can do right in your home.

Aside from these resources, you will get three supplements needed to boost your results: Alpha Meal, Alpha Armor, and Elite Krill Oil will come with your purchase and get you on track faster.

Organic Total Body Reboot

This program helps you lose weight in just 1 week and is great for those with chronic inflammation.

Without this inflammation, your body will shed excess weight on its own. Thomas states that this Organic Total Body Reboot helped him lose 70 pounds in just a year. His wife also lost 25 lbs. doing this!

You will start this program by doing a week long Organic Total Body Reboot. Then you can buy the Adaptive Body Boost Program, which is a 6-week program that will pick up where the Organic Total Body Reboot ended.

Also included is the Nutrition and Supplement Protocol, which includes a customized workout plan that fits with this diet program. A cardio plan to maximize your fat loss is also included.

Life Optimization Guide

There are also three eBooks available to help you out on your health journey:

  • Travel and On the Go Diet Cheat Sheet
  • Eating Out Cheat Sheet
  • What to Drink on a Night Out Cheat Sheet

Thomas knows there’s no need to give up good times in your quest to be healthy.

Check out his website today!