Science Based Six Pack Review

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Science Based Six Pack Review

A six-pack is often considered the ultimate sign of masculinity and something that men of all ages tend to desire. It gives them the confidence they need to take off their shirt at the pool and walk around with pride. Unfortunately, not all men are fortunate enough to show off a six pack when they take their shirt off. In fact, about 38.7% of men in the United States are either overweight or obese. Getting ripped is possible, but it takes effort and, of course, the right program to ensure you can achieve the results you are looking for. Read on to learn how I lost 10 pounds and was able to get ripped with a six pack to walk confidently with on the beach…

Hi there, I’m Ian, and I am here to tell you more about how a program called Science Based Six Pack helped me stop feeling unmotivated and sorry for myself, and how I was able to lose weight and gain the body I have been dreaming of for quite a while.

Just a few months ago, I was 10 pounds overweight. Sure, this figure isn’t nearly as much as some of the individuals in the country, but I had a belly that I wasn’t proud of at all. Fat was distributed in uncomfortable and revealing areas throughout my body. I didn’t have many muscles to show off as well. I felt self-conscious whenever I would find myself hanging out with a group of friends. I felt uncomfortable in my own body.

Understand that I didn’t just “take it” – I did try to lose those few extra pounds that I had put on. I went from one diet to the next, but I never really experienced the results that I wanted in order to lose that excess fat and to pack on some extra muscle. Nothing seemed to work – I reached a point where I no longer had any motivation left to continue trying. I thought that my dream of looking ripped was only that – a dream.

Uncovering A Solution To My Poor Body Composition

After logging into Facebook and browsing through my timeline one day, I was faced with some impressive photos of people in a group I belonged to – the photos were part of a thread where people raved about an online program that has helped them shed excess fat and get their bodies into perfect shape to give them the confidence they have wanted for so long.

I decided to take a look at the program myself. I initially thought that this was just another scam that people wanted to promote, but I later realized that those photos seemed legit, after checking out the profiles on Facebook of those people who have shared their before and after photos.

I purchased the program for a relatively affordable price and decided to give it my all – everything else has failed before, so I was still skeptical about this one, but did start to implement the steps that are outlined in the ebooks and videos that are part of the program.

The results were truly impressive – I shed 10 pounds in just a few weeks, and I quickly started to see my stomach becoming smaller and more ripped that it has ever been before.

The Science Based Six Pack Program

The Science Based Six Pack program was designed by a famous figure in the fitness industry, Thomas Delauer. He is known for creating revolutionary programs that offer detailed instructions to help his clients achieve exceptional results in a minimal amount of time.

This particular program comes as a complete package to the client, providing the client access to a wide range of materials that are essential for ensuring they can shed weight and build muscle, while also providing details on how to craft that perfect six pack that so many men are looking to achieve.

What Does The Science Based Six Pack Program Include?

The Science Based Six Pack program comes complete with videos, documents, and other materials that form a package that will help you understand why you may not be losing weight and introduce you to a highly effective technique that helps to shed excess fat quickly and easily. The program also outlines the steps that you need to take to build more muscle mass in all areas of your body, with a particular focus on creating a rock hard six pack.

The materials that are included in the package consists of the following:

  • A video training series that include five video tutorials. These videos give you a detailed overview of what intermittent fasting is and introduces you to various techniques that you can utilize for maximum results. Thomas also shares some of his personal secrets that he uses with intermittent fasting in order to reduce cravings, and what you can do to achieve results faster.
  • An e-book that contains the “Master Fasting Course” program, which gives you access to a range of recipes that you can use while you are following the program. You also get access to desserts, mini-meals, and a series of workout guides that will get you on track with your fitness as well – ultimately ensuring that you can add more muscle mass to your body and help you on your way to that six-pack.
  • There are also two different diet plans that are based on intermittent fasting included in the package, including the “Base Trac” and the “Fast Track” diet plan.

In addition to these materials, clients are also provided access to a bonus ShredFast course that introduces them to a range of workouts that they can utilize to enhance their results – to ensure they can burn fat faster and build muscle mass more effectively.

How Much Does The Science Based Six Pack Program Cost?

When it comes to looking at the price of the Science Based Six Pack program, it is vital to understand that this isn’t a single product, but rather a complete package that comes with everything that you need to start your journey toward a body that you can be truly proud of.

The regular price of the package is $267, but at the time of writing, the author of the program. Thomas Delauer has provided his customers with a special offer – the offer gives the client access to the main program, along with all of the bonuses that Thomas decided to throw into the package, for a one-time fee of $67. No additional fees are charged to the client by Thomas, and the main products that are part of the package will be delivered to the client electronically – which means there is no waiting time.


Excessive fat distributed in the body, along with low levels of muscle mass, is something that at least a third of the male population in the United States are struggling with on a daily basis. This type of body composition can take quite a toll on a man’s confidence and make him feel self-conscious – never wanting to take off his shirt at the pool or when spending some time at the beach. With the Science Based Six Pack program, I was finally able to get rid of my excess fat, build muscle mass, and get ripped – now I am able to walk on the beach, shirtless and proud of my body.