Keto Friendly Recipes

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Keto Friendly Recipes 1

Want To Go Keto?
Then Try These Keto Friendly Recipes To Help You Get Started


What you eat, how much exercise you do and how much you sleep are all factors that contribute to either good or poor health.

Better health means a potentially longer lifespan, as well as a general higher quality-of-life.

Feeling sickly and disoriented all the time is unpleasant, which is why such a large focus is often placed on helping people realize how they can become healthy.

Obesity is a significant contributor to poor health in the modern world.

Obesity is associated with medical complications, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, breast cancer, prostate cancer and degenerative arthritis.

Obesity has also been linked to surgical difficulties, as well as psychological disorders.

After facing the dreadful consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity myself, I finally decided to make a change – this is when I discovered the Ketogenic diet.

This diet, or rather a lifestyle as many like to refer to it, changed my life for the good. I lost weight, and I gained back my confidence and, of course, my self-esteem.

Social gatherings became easier to attend, and I was able to step into meetings with more confidence.

When I changed to a Ketogenic diet, it was not only my weight that changed.

Okay, I’ll be honest with you… things weren’t easy at the beginning.

During the first week, I experienced some adverse reactions – but this was just my body’s way of adjusting to the changes in my diet. Instead of relying on carbs for energy, my body had to start sending fat to my liver and break it down into ketones.

After that week, however, I began to feel more energized than ever before.

A while into the diet, I checked in with my doctor – to see if all is well. I felt really great but wanted to get a closer view on this all. My doctor was quite impressed – my “good” cholesterol levels increased, whereas my “bad” cholesterol levels declined.

My heart was healthier, and the doctor only had good things to say about my health.

One problem that I did encounter with the Ketogenic diet is that it is not always easy to know what to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I had to rearrange the way I went about preparing food completely.

Luckily, I was able to discover a lot of delicious recipes that helped me get on board the Keto Lifestyle – I will share some of my favorites with you here…

Why Transit To A Keto Lifestyle?

Keto Friendly Recipes 2
I have recommended the Keto diet to many of my friends, family members and colleagues.

I have even recommended this diet to people I do not know – when I hear someone mention how terrible they feel, I tell them just how great this diet is.

There are many reasons why I recommend the Keto lifestyle – not only because I have gained benefits from my transition to this lifestyle, but because millions of others also have.

There is even scientific evidence available to back up just how effective the Keto diet is – so, to help you understand what science says and how clinical trials go off, I have decided to take a quick look at one particular study before we proceed to the recipes I will be sharing with you.

There are many studies that have taken a look at the shorter-term benefits that a Keto diet offers.

These studies have proven benefits with weight loss, heart health, mental health, and more.

What I want to focus on here, however, is the longer-term benefits that the Keto diet is able to offer.

Short-term results are not really something that we should be looking at here – you are not going on yet another “weight loss diet.” You are adopting a new lifestyle.

The study I want to take a look was published in the Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cardiology. A total of 83 participants were involved in the study – this included a total of 44 women and 39 men.

All of these individuals were obese, with a BMI that was higher than 35 at the beginning of the study. All of the participants also had high “bad” cholesterol levels and problems maintaining a normal level of blood glucose.

During the study, several tests were performed at certain intervals – at the beginning, after the first eight weeks, at week 16 and at the end of the study, which was week number 24.

At week 24, all participants experienced a significant reduction in their BMI and total body weight.

This was quite impressive since many scientific papers have noted that even a slight body weight reduction can help to improve the wellbeing of an obese person.

In addition to the lower BMI, many other findings were also made:
  • Levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol was higher at the end of the study.
  • Levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol was lower at the end of the study.
  • Triglyceride levels increased by an impressive level.
  • Blood glucose levels were reduced and overall more balanced.

How A Keto Cookbook Will Make Your Life Easier

Keto Friendly Recipes 4

Initially, some people find the Keto diet to be a little difficult to adapt to.

Many of the foods they are used to eating daily suddenly need to be removed from their diet or at least restricted.

This is why I highly recommend obtaining the right Ketogenic diet cookbook for all newcomers to this lifestyle.

There are some pretty amazing dishes that you can prepare when you follow a Keto diet – you simply need to open up to the possibilities that the foods included in this diet can offer you.

A cookbook comes in handy here, by doing the thinking for you.

There are many great options on the market when looking for a Ketogenic diet cookbook. I personally found a great cookbook to begin with called the Ketosis Cookbook.

The “Ketosis Cookbook” is more than just a collection of recipes – it includes a comprehensive overview of what the Ketogenic lifestyle really is all about and comes with some useful tips to help you through the transition.

The additional bonus content that comes with the purchase of this ebook also makes it really worth the money.

Even though an ebook, you can easily print out your favorite recipes and have them handy at all times.

Delicious Keto-Friendly Recipes

As promised, I will now share some of my favorite Ketogenic recipes to help you get started.

Once you take a look at these amazing recipes, you will notice that transitioning to a Ketogenic lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult – you can still prepare really delicious meals for breakfast and lunch, as well as for dinner.

There are also hundreds of yummy desserts and treats that can be made to fit perfectly into your Keto diet.

I recommend reading over our ultimate ketogenic guide, it works wonders with the recipe books here

Let’s take a look at some of my favorites…

Keto-Friendly Breakfast Recipes
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me, so it is only natural that I start by sharing two of my favorite breakfast recipes. These recipes are all great for the Keto diet as they are low in carbs and high in fats, as well as provide a healthy amount of proteins. They will surely help you get through the day and keep your hunger down to ensure you last until lunchtime.
Ultimate Breakfast Roll-Ups
This is really one of my favorites – a delicious egg-based wrap with a really great filling. The recipe is a bit on the bulky side, so I like to scale things down a notch since I do not need to make a total of five breakfast roll-ups at once. For this one, you need some eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon and a breakfast sausage patty.
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Instant Pot Crustless Quiche Lorraine
Another great option when it comes to loading up on fats and, of course, protein and some carbs, to get you ready for the day. This is a quick-and-easy breakfast recipe that I love – and I am sure you will love it too. All you need is some bacon, eggs, whipping cream, swiss cheese, nutmeg powder and, of course, some salt and pepper.
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Keto-Friendly Lunch Recipes
Once lunchtime arrives, you need to avoid grabbing for a high-carb bagel or sandwich. Instead, you should make yourself one of these salads, pack it for lunch and you are ready-to-go when the clock strikes 12…

Low-Carb Spinach Cobb Salad
This salad is perfect for lunch as it provides the perfect combination of different flavors, all in one delicious salad. To make this salad, you will need some baby spinach, chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, boiled eggs, bacon and, of course, let’s not forget the avocado.
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Avocado Egg Salad
Another excellent option for lunch that combines the high-quality fats from avocado and egg. In addition to these two primary ingredients, this salad is served with some green onions, bacon, yogurt and a dash of lime. It is low in carbs, high in fats and offers you a dose of high-quality protein.
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Keto-Friendly Dinner Recipes
Dinner might not be as important as breakfast, but I still want to impress anyone coming over and be sure that I get my fill up of fats, protein and a little bit of carbs. Be sure to give these great Keto-friendly dinner recipes a try…
Easy Cashew Chicken
The perfect combination of cashews and chicken for dinner – this recipe is not only delicious but also a very healthy option when you turn toward the Ketogenic diet. You can choose to serve up this easy cashew chicken just like that, or you can choose to serve it over a low-carb side, such as cauliflower rice.
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Blackened Salmon With Avocado Salsa
I cannot share my favorite dinner recipes with you without including a dish that takes advantage of the health benefits offered by seafood. This meal is much easier to prepare than it looks (or sounds). All you need is a few pieces of salmon, some sliced red onion, a jalapeno, lime juice, avocado, cucumber, parsley and some cilantro.
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Keto-Friendly Dessert Recipes
Finally, let’s not forget to satisfy that sweet tooth! You’d be surprised at the delicious dessert recipes that can fit into your Keto diet. Now, as with any other diet, be sure not to load up on too much of these treats – control your portions.

Keto Coconut Chocolate Bars
This is one of my favorite treat recipes that perfectly fits in with the criteria of a Ketogenic lifestyle. It is high in healthy fats, low in carbs and gives you a good load of protein. This is a great treat to make in advance and store so that you have a healthier snack choice to opt for when hunger does strike unexpectedly.
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Easy Chocolate Keto Paleo Gelatin Pudding
I also find myself indulging in this chocolate gelatin pudding when my sweet tooth strikes. No refined sugars and low in carbs, this is a perfect option for getting in some high-quality proteins and fats. Treat yourself and your family to some delicious chocolate pudding to celebrate how far you have come with your transition toward a Ketogenic lifestyle.
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Keto Friendly Recipes 6The ketogenic diet has become increasingly popular in recent years.

No matter your goals, there are certain benefits that you can take advantage of when deciding to transition toward a ketogenic lifestyle.

After I transitioned to this lifestyle myself, I lost weight and experienced a lot of health benefits – both physically and mentally.

To help you get started, I have shared some useful recipes with you here – these are all Keto-friendly recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. If you are struggling to make any recipes or just can’t be bothered then you might want to try out some of my favorite smoothie recipes which are quick and easy to make or alternatively, you could try a Keto meal replacement shake instead. I normally have them for breakfast but, they can be had at any time of the day.

If you are looking for even more great inspiration and recipes to help you get acquainted with the Ketogenic lifestyle, then be sure to check out the Ketosis Cookbook, a complete recipe book that comes with a 7-day meal plan, over 300 different Keto-friendly recipes, and even a kickstart guide to make the transition easier than ever before.