Hi there, my name is Ian and I’m really happy that you found my website!

This whole thing started out as a ketogenic diet website in the beginning. You see, I am a keto enthusiast and wanted to write all about the keto diet, its benefits etc but, I kinda struggled to find the time to do it.

It all became rather tiresome so, when my hosting came up for renewal, I erased the site from existence (after backing it up of course – just in case), didn’t renew the hosting or original domain name and let it all die away.

A few months later, I became a dad for the second time, to a baby girl we called Gracie. Things have not bee easy since. At the time of writing this, my partner is still suffering badly from the damage that the hospital did to her which we are still trying to get to the bottom of. She is suffering from depression, possible bladder damage and a raging un-diagnosed chronic UTI.

Anyway, it got me thinking about blogging again as once she gets better, I want to write it all down, the routes we have taken, the help we have received or not received, to hopefully stop other people having to go through what we have been through and to give others hope and guidance.

Both of us have been through various issues over the years and I wanted to document all of it so, “My Life And Shit” was born”!

I have got no idea how often I will update the blog or what I will write about. It will just be about every day things that happen to us in life and any other shit that I find interesting. I promise though, that i’ll try and stay away from talking about religion and politics 🙂

My old Keto site is on here too as I am still a huge keto fan but, unfortunately due to all the stress, I fell off the wagon ages ago and eat far too many carbs nowadays.

I will start my keto journey again once, my life has calmed down a bit so, I will update this live with what I’m doing, the side effects etc.